Recipe for the Family Cake for the spring show

Jennys handwritten recipe for entries to the spring show can be seen as 4 photographs in the Gallary. The Photographs show the ingredients, the method, the buttercream and the topping

Now added, the typed version is here.


offee and walnut cake.

  200g. pl. flour. 

  1 1/2 tsp. baking powder.

 200g.butter, small pieces, softened.         

100g. light soft brown sugar.                     

100g. caster sugar.                                     

3 eggs.

1 tbsp. instant coffee dissolved in 1 tbsp. boiling water.

100g. chopped walnuts.

25-50 ml. milk.


Preheat oven to 180C/gas 4. Sift flour and baking powder , set aside. In a large mixing bowl beat butter to a cream. Add both the sugars and beat until light and creamy. Add eggs one at a time, beating thoroughly before adding the next. Stir in the coffee. Carefully fold in the remaining flour, half at a time with large metal spoon. Fold in chopped walnuts and                      sufficient milk to give soft dropping consistency.  Spoon mixture into prepared tins, spreading out evenly. Bake in oven for 25 - 30 minutes until tops a light  golden brown and cakes spring back when gently pressed. Turn out of tins after 10 mins.

Buttercream:-                60g. butter,  small pieces, softened, 125 g. icing sugar, sifted, 2 tsp. instant coffee dissolved in 2 tsp. boiling water.Beat together until light and creamy.

Topping:-                        200g.  icing sugar, 2 tsp. instant coffee dissolved in 2 tbsp. in boiling water, 50 g. walnuts. Glace icing - sift icing sugar, add coffee. Mix until thick.

                                        Sandwich cakes together with buttercream. Cover the top with topping, put walnuts on top.

Equipment:-                2    20cm. sandwich tins,  lightly greased and base-lined with baking parchment.

Spring Show



Open for entries 10-12am, judging 12-2pm, public viewing and refreshments 2-4pm.



  1. A specimen flower

  2. A May bouquet – approx 6” in diameter

  3. 'Name that Song' - An arrangement labelled with the name of a song, 9” max diameter

  4. 3 stems of herbs


    5. A Cornish Pasty – up to 8''

    6. A vegetarian pasty – up to 8”

    7. A Family Cake– recipe to be published in April on the hall website

    8. 4 scones – cheese

    9. A decorative dessert in a tall glass



  10. A jar of jam

  11. A jar of marmalade of any fruit

  12. A jar of chutney

  13. A jar of jelly

  14. A jar of citrus curd – this can be approx a half pound jar.

  15. A bottle of homemade drink, such as a cordial, beer, wine etc. (not a spirit that has been flavoured such as sloe gin.)


  16. 3 large brown eggs

  17. 3 large white eggs

  18. 3 large any other colour eggs

  19. 3 brown bantam eggs

  20. 3 white bantam eggs

  21. 3 any other colour bantam eggs


  22. 3 duck eggs

  23. 3 goose eggs


  1. Of a hen egg

  2. Of a bantam egg

  3. Of a waterfowl egg


  1. 27. The Beast from the East

  2. 28. Poldark Country

  3. 29. Smiles

  4. 30. Dawn or Dusk

The People's Vote – Visitors to the show can vote for their overall favourite photograph. Vote closes at 3.15pm, winner will be announced at 4pm.

CHILDREN'S CLASSES – in two age groups, under 7's and under 14's

  1. 31. A farm on a dinner plate

  2. 32. A home made pizza (a bought base is allowed)

  3. 33. A pasty, traditional or adventurous

  4. 34. 2 onions, decorated

  5. 35. A sculpture made from 'found' plastic

  6. 36. 'My dream island', pencil/crayon/painted picture

  7. 37. A photograph of an animal

ARTS AND CRAFTS – not shown previously at this show.

  1. 38. A decorated plant container/flower pot, any size

  2. 39. A pencil drawing

  3. 40. A handmade card for any occasion

  4. 41. A dream catcher

  5. 42. A paperweight

  1. 43. A pin cushion

  2. 44. A soft toy, any material


Great Expectations CANCELLED

Due to pipes having frozen and burst we have no running water and so have had to cancel. Sorrry . We will try to reschedule in the summer.



Alternative contact details for bookings

If you have a query about a booking and are not able to get through to Kate due to her holidays you can send any questions you may have to  Elaine Clayton.  Email:

Pig Walk

This years Pig Walk will be on Sunday 23rd July at 2pm. All welcome, walk the pig and finish with a BBQ

Booking Fees 2017

9-1pm £15

1pm - 5pm £15

5pm to midnight £30.

Extra hours added onto the morning or afternoon session £5 per hour

Extra hours added before an evening session also £5 per hour. 

No hours after midnight allowed as a courtesy to our neighbours.


Our capacity is 100 standing, 60 seated, the latter being for performance events where all are seated.

Call to local growers of veg and eggs.

Angie, the new owner of Newlyn Bridge Vegetable Shop would like to sell local produce, veg, eggs, any extras from gardens or allotments, from small growers in the area. 

The shop opens in early November.

Phone Angie on 07550 075 396

Jeremy Leach pottery pigs for sale

Jeremy Leach has very kindly donated 18 pottery pigs to the Village Hall, the proceeds of sale of the pigs will go towards funding the upkeep.

Please contact Kate  for images and prices if you would like to buy one or more     01736 788705




Jeremy Leach is the younger son of David Leach, OBE, and grandson of Bernard Leach, CH.CBE.

Born into this well known family of potters in 1941 at St. lves, Cornwall, he was educated at Dauntsey’s School starting a pottery there - followed by an initial pottery training at Lowerdown Pottery, Bovey Tracey, then at the Central School and later Camberwell Schools of Art and Craft.

At this time he made a cultural visit to the Lebanon, potting and exhibiting solo there in 1965. Later an interest in Chinese calligraphy developed which is evident in some of his work today.

He opened a small workshop in Oxford after which there followed a period of illness. During this time he taught pottery at Morely College and Southlands College of Education – Harrow and Merchant Taylor Public Schools.

During the last few years he has made frequent visits to potters in West Germany on a part work/part vacation basis. He continues to work now from Lowerdown Pottery making his own stoneware and porcelain pots, both functional and individual pieces.

Jeremy Leach has made a study of using eucalyptus ash for Chun glazes.

For three years from 1998 to 2001 he worked on his own at Haytor, Devon. However, most of his pieces come from working with his father at Lowerdown

In 2002 Jeremy Leach had a video made of his work, which is available for viewing. 


Images of Sancreed Church

An exhibition of images of Sancreed Church is being planned for August 2016 as part of the fund raising towards the restoration of the roof and fabric of the building. Images of the church and its surrounds are being sought for a public display that will show this old and significant building in the past and the present, in the different seasons and as an important part of village life. Do you have an image that you would like to display? Could you sketch, photograph, paint, sculpt or sew an image for the exhibition? The plan is that visitors to the exhibition will be asked to vote for their favourite image and the most popular will be made into a series of cards with all profits from sales going to the church restoration fund. Please make it clear if you do not own the copyright to your image or do not have the owners permission for the reproduction of the image as a greetings card. A professional photographer has agreed to give his time to photograph the exhibits that win the public vote. Please spread the word far and wide so that our Exhibition will be a great success and a fine celebration of our ancient place of worship

Friends of Sancreed Beacon

Call Out For Friends Of Sancreed Beacon and Tony's Wood.

Cornwall Heritage Trust are looking to form a new informal "Friends" group of local residents to be involved in the management of the Sancreed Beacon site and Tony's Wood. This would be an opportunity for people to meet and do some light work together on the Beacon (bracken bashing, wildlife surveys etc), share knowledge and get a share of the wood from Tony's Wood!

To register interest please contact the Warden (Greg) at or call 07776 223337

Our Bus 509 replaced by a community bus

Our bus service the Greyhound 509 is due to stop on the 2nd November. There will be a community bus running at similar times from the Monday after. If this is to be maintained after the beginning of the next financial year we will have to fight for it. The parish council are supportive so we must show our support and our need for this service.

Playreading "Cannibalism Begins at Home"

Huge success at the Penzance Literary Festival, coming soon to Sancreed Village Hall.

Everyone thoroghly enjoyed their last playreading. 

Teas and coffee will be available.

Tickets £4.00


Carn to Cove Theatre brings Owdyado Theatre to Sancreed Village Hall on 20th September at 6.30pm

Sancreed Village Hall will be playing host to an exciting new play by Owdyado Theatre on 20th September. Keep reading for an exclusive review of this fantastic theatrical event…

Wrongdoings and Wake Up Calls at the Stop-Off Motel, ‘Owdyado Theatre

When Jonathan and Sarah wake up together in a motel bedroom on the outskirts of Las Vegas, they’ve got splitting headaches, no recollection of the night before, and no clue as to the other’s identity. Their increasing horror at what might have gone down on the Sunset Strip hits rock bottom when they see what awaits them in the bathroom. And then the phone starts ringing. Welcome to the mother of all hangovers...

With a script as tight as a showgirls corset and pitch-perfect performances from Daniel Richards and Charlotte Bister, Wrongdoings... is a tassel-swinging, Rat Pack-singing, casino-stinging delight from start to finish. Director Simon Harvey keeps the pace crisp as the action shifts back and forth between the confusion-soaked  nightmare of the morning after and the gonzo sightseeing trip that sets it all in motion. From the bright lights of the playing tables to the velour-tinged tawdriness of the motel, the multifunctional set is a visual treat.

As the pair ricochet through the narrative, jokes build and are revisited, growing in stature through riffs in popular culture and self-referential asides that create a scenario and characters that utterly convince while delivering as much fun as you can wave a cocktail stick at. And with references to Umberto Eco’s critique on the hyperreality  - and inherent passivity – of American culture thrown in early, Wrongdoings... delivers big on wit as well as laughs. Highly Recommended.


For more information, see Carn to Cove Theatre’s website at

The Famous Pig Walk July 14th 2.30pm

Time for Sancreed and surrounding village's very own tradition, The Pig Walk. Newbridge has been selected to have the honour of carrying the Pig around the Beacon this year. Please wear as much pink as possible. It is not too heavy and the distance is about 2 miles. There will be Hunt The Piglets for the children and a cream tea and bar-b-cue afterwards.Auction of pigs made byJeremy Leach, grandson of Bernard Leach. Everyone welcome