Changes to the Pig Walk

We live in a beautiful parish but even here we are seeing a decline in the insect population. Have you had to clean your car windscreen of insect's bodies this year? A fine thing when we judge populations by mortality but there we are, that's humans but we are waking up. Sancreed Village Hall committee are making changes to the annual Sancreed Pig Walk this year to support the need for action with the loss of so many insects nationally due to climate change and the use of unfriendly chemicals.
There is a change to the children's activity and this year the piglets are resting in the hall and want the children to find pictures of insects that have been hidden along the Pig Walk route. Ladybirds, lacewings, moths, butterflys and ants will be some of the creatures for the children to spot and become more familiar with, hopefully we will see living ones too.
The committee are introducing the 'PIG WALK ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS' initiative and plan that the proceeds from the pig walk will fund an environmental improvement project. or maybe more than one. Projects must be on a publicly accessible or visible space in the Parish of Sancreed for the benefit of wildlife and for the leisure and recreation of the people of the Parish. We invite everyone to have an idea, farmers with roadside hedges, ideas for the Village Hall grounds, thoughts on any open space you have spotted. We hope that this is the opportunity for residents of the parish to make an idea a reality.
The Sancreed Pig Walk 2019 will host a display of your ideas in the Village Hall.There will be a public vote on Pig Walk Day, Sunday 28th July 2019, and the most popular plan will gain financial support from the proceeds raised by the Pig Walk.
1. Draw up a plan of your project, no larger than an A3 sheet. This will be pinned up in the Village Hall on the day of the Pig Walk.
2. State which publicly accessible space within the Parish of Sancreed your project will be undertaken.
3. Supply proof of the landowners permission, maybe Cornwall Council, our Parish Council, a private landowner.
4. List the costings of your project.
5. Ideas are welcome from anyone within the parish of Sancreed, any age group, individual or community group.
6. Closing date 12 noon Friday 26th July 2019.
7. The public vote will take place at the Pig Walk on the 28th July 2019
Contact details 01736 788705 and check out